11.02 – 3.03 2016


Via Panfilo Castaldi 42, Milano

Bronde is a group show exhibiting works by Ann Hirsch, Molly Soda and Tabita Rezaire, curated by Utter Collective. Bronde is the first project supported by Fiori, soon to be launched platform that seeks to create occasions of dialogue and confrontation between art, research and activism. An open and collaborative structure, operating through a website, talks and performance, temporary exhibitions.

Bronde is hosted at the ground floor of beauty salon Orea Malià, that for this occasion becomes the offine place for the physical transposition and the presentation of digital cultures and practices. Opening a window in the IRL (in real life), Bronde invites to reflect deeper about the cyberspace, a place that, as Faith Wilding notes, “does not exist in a vacuum; it is intimately connected to numerous real-world institutions and systems that thrive on gender separation and hierarchy”.

The works, by sharing common aesthetics and sensitivities, guide the viewers though a journey analysing the social and political implications that new technologies have on gender, representation and mass culture. These group of young artists seek to reflect on possible ways of an equal representation of minorities and marginalised groups, by interrogating the ways digital infrastructures alter the way human relationships are organised and perceived.